Monday, November 5, 2012

My Life Is Meaningless

I am an Atheist and a Rationalist and I accept that we evolved via a blind non-random process of natural selection and because I believe these things I must conclude that my life has no meaning. Life in general has no meaning because meaning/purpose requires a designer and natural selection is a blind process without a designer. So I am left with the terrifying prospect of a meaningless life in a purposeless universe.

Oh, I can hear the Theists saying, "Aha! You admit it! Evolution is bad because it leads to Nihilism! You need God!" Hold your horses missy. Not so fast...

The life I live does have a purpose.  What? No, I'm not contradicting myself.   While it is true that “my life” (the state of affairs wherein my biological functions continue) is meaningless because the designer-less universe could not have conspired to hatch me in particular (yeah, God was pretty handy for that) it is also true that “the life I live” (the sum of all the choices that I make while being alive) does indeed have a purpose because it does have a designer: ME! I am the one who steers the course of the life that I live and as such I am its designer. I am the one who gives my life purpose and that's not a bad state of affairs given the mess I started out with.

What is my purpose? I'm starting to think it may just be to ask you, “What is your purpose?”


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