Sunday, December 4, 2011


I’ve struggled with where to start with this blog; with what to write first.  I think a lot. I have so much that needs saying; so much to share.

I’ve been through a lot over the years: I was left fatherless at the age of 19; suffered a real crisis of identity after leaving the ministry; had a business go belly up and was homeless as I stubbornly insisted on pulling myself back up. I’ve been cheated on by a fiancée; and lost three of my dearest when my sister slew the two nieces I helped raise in a fit of postpartum psychosis. I'll blog about those things some other time but for now I'll just say that it's was a lot to bear. I'll speak the truth; I came close to losing my faith.

Today I sit before this keyboard a grateful and a whole man. I write because I must. I write because of the wealth of love that is mine and because my life has been a blessing. I write because now that I know love I know God (Hold on agnostics and atheists, I promise not to lose you. We’ll get into what I mean later. Let’s not jump to conclusions, okay?). Now that I see clearly I know what my first post should be about.  It’s about the first thing I pray shall always be on my mind every morning and the last words that I pray will leave my lips. It’s about giving thanks and, in my way, asking forgiveness for almost giving up.  For though it did tarry; the morning has come.

This one is for The Jempress:
Let the just rejoice...
The years, the tears,
My babies, my sister,
My broken heart, my father,
The days I slept under a dark, empty sky
The dew for a blanket;
All of it He restored to me in you.
The books are balanced in a single day.
With a word I have wealth beyond comprehension.
Today I issue a receipt to the Almighty,
"PAID IN FULL with interest."

...and the streets be filled with singing
Stay tuned y'all. Thanks for reading.

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